Our Mission:


Using new media to deliver
business intelligence.
In a BIG way.



B.I.G. New Media | The Business Information Group delivers information to businesses seeking to enter and expand into the government marketplace. 


Our Impact

Each year our subscription based services deliver over 1.5 million reports to more than 120,000 businesses who interact with our team through one of our media outlets. Since 2006, we have successfully delivered over 18 million specialized reports tailored to our subscriber's needs.

Reports include information about planned purchases, active requests for proposals, recent contract awards, news related to government procurement, and hiring salary information. Our micro and full scale consulting services reinforce the productive use of the information we deliver. Our online learning systems enable individuals to gain more information to help them educate themselves about local, state and federal government procurement.

Our goal is to impact our subscribers by propelling them forward.


"Over half of my revenue comes from successful RFPs identified by the GovDirections team. They have my highest recommendation.”  Steve Condrey, President, Condrey and Associates




B.I.G. New Media has been delivering reports since 2006. By 2018, we had delivered more than 18 million reports.



Years Serving Members

We logged our first subscriber March 9, 2006. The rest is history.



Thousand businesses impacted

In 2018, our subscriber based passed over 120,000 registered businesses who are now impacted daily via our outlets.


Our Channels

B.I.G. New Media | The Business Information Group comprises channels that include GovDirections.com, GovSchool, GovAdvice, GovReporter, and FBO.app. The group also touches government agencies directly with HiringWage.com - a site providing reports on competitive hiring wages - and GovDirections-Consulting where company principals put 30 plus years of experience to work directly with government agencies.



GovDirections gathers new government contract opportunities issued by cities, counties, schools, hospitals, transit systems, park districts, and other local, state and federal procurement sources. The site offers Business Intelligence using graduate trained researchers to cull through budgets and agendas to learn about planned government spending at the earliest stage possible.  'Who's Winning' provides updates on contract awards in more than 120 industries.


GovReporter provides a daily digest of news related to upcoming government contracts, active bids and requests for proposals, and awards. 

Information you can use.



HiringWage serves local government clients by surveying actual market rates for competitive positions. The service deviates from past compensation methodology by focusing on active recruitment wages offered in current advertisements. Helping governments who want to maintain a competitive advantage when seeking to be the employer of choice.


Are you ready to learn? GovSchool prepares you to winning new government business.



Need advice? Are you a business seeking the guidance of a subject matter expert as you enter or expand into the government marketplace? If so, our team of subject matter experts can work with you to help. 



Coming Fall 2018, FBO.app puts federal business opportunities in an interactive mobile application built around NAICS codes. The new application promises to revolutionize the delivery of information related to federal procurement.


Don't want to give away too much info on how this company helps my business! 

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October 2017