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Each Active Membership package is built for contractors primarily seeking access to active bids and RFPs from cities, counties, schools, local, state and federal government agencies. Subcontracting opportunities are also published within each active bid package. Choose your Home State or broaden your access to All States.

Add our Business Intelligence services to either package for $55 more per month. This service is chosen by approximately 47% of users and provides the earliest lead time available at GovDirections. The information is gathered by graduate level researchers from budgets and planning documents very early in the purchasing stage to put your company ahead of the game.

All packages gain access to helpful business guides and events in your area. Your membership also entitles you to GovSchool courses as well as a 20 minute GovAdvice session (upon request).

Our services deliver! Choose your option today.

"Over half of my revenue comes from successful RFPs identified by the GovDirections team. They have my highest recommendation.” Steve Condrey, President, Condrey and Associates

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